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twisted love

i can't pick a career D:

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i'm 21...which is the age most ppl graduate college  right? and i no some ppl take abit longer ...i no ..i no. i just feel werid that ppl my age r gradauting and i can't settle on the first step. i am enrolled in college i sorta picked a major sorta a place holder..tho at one point i was intrested in it. i just have no idea what to do. i feel so lost. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. i've decided to stay in the social sciences, as most of my credits are in this field and it is interesting. but i can't narrow it down beyond that. ppl always say do what interests u....but idk i had a dysfunctional family and i had parents who lived through u and did not  really let you develop you own identity....they shamed and made fun of a bunch of things i wanted to be when i was younger, like high respected things such as a nurse or biologist...beciase only their dream career was the correct choice. so....idk i guesse i still have a hard time with my own identity. anyways....idk i've been trying for years to pick a career and i can't...i feel exhausted D: 

i think the biggest problem is that i feel like i have to make the correct choice and i wanna learn/do everything. and i feel by picking one...i have to let go of my oppurtunity to explore the other things i am curious about. and i don't want to. so i'm trying to figure out which one encompasses most of my intrests, or maybe which one i would be the happiest with.. but it seems like an impossiable task. to pick one part of u and abaondon the rest

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Don't worry. Your greatest achievements in life will not be career related, unless they are, and in that case, you will be very sure about your interest in it.

You will travel. You will love. You will continue learning. You will go back to school at a later time. You will do a million things, many of them more than once. You will fail too, often even, and in doing so, you will have achieved that also.

If you need to become certified and get a well paying job, then go with the flow and take it. You can always mix things up again later.

If you can afford to take the time to explore all the myriad things you are interested in, take the time. You can't expect someone to know what they want to do with information, before they have that information.

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I am 26, graduated when I was 23.   I have a B.A. in Business and Health and Wellness.  Now I currently work jobs that don't even require a degree, simply because I am not amped on the whole 9-5 desk thing.

Please don't waste $20k+ going to school for nothing.  If you know what you want to study and what gets you excited by all means keep going with it.  But if you're questioning what you even want to do then why rush?

My younger brother is in the same position you are (21, junior in university), and I've urged him time and time again to go out and try some "shit" jobs to see what he's interested in.  Even while he's going to school.

I would've never thought that being a coffee shop owner would be a possible path for me if I didn't work as a barista, and I thought that being a veterinarian would've been a dream job until I actually worked as a veterinary technician (and saw that they work twice as hard as doctors, have to know 5x the information, and still get paid less.)

Don't get a degree that doesn't apply to your life just because you think you "should".

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