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Hello everyone, I do not know if this is the correct place to start this topic but here is goes, I have a major problem with Anxiety, and  do not know how to solve it is so bad that if I asked you a question like hey is it ok if we go out and have fun, and you told me we'll talk I would go into panic mode. so as it stands I am living where I work.. I was homeless before actually getting into this situation I have always been good at computers so the guy let me work at his at home business, and live here but the issue is there is no contract of what exactly my postion is or no lease, or any document stating anything and I am afraid to ask because my situation is so thin I am scared to be back on the streets so I asked him if I could go out, Spend time with family, and possibly have friends visit me here, and I did not get a yes or no answer it was simply "I will be back soon we'll talk" should I be worried about that response or is that a panic attack.. to me we'll talk is a "no"

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Hey man. Yeah, he might be thinking no to people visiting his house, but you can still go out and visit people can't you?

My suggestion would be to get a game plan with him involved, even a contract.

This has worked for millions of people in business. Write out a contract in a way that helps you sufficiently. Make it reasonable and a win win for both people. Then, present it. He will then say "OK sure", "I don't like this and this" or "no".  If he says no, ask him what he would change about it and try to bring the conversation to an agreement. Tell him how you will help him and vice versa. Don't sacrifice too much. Be confident in your value. He is probably willing to work with you.

That's just a suggestion. Be strong bro. Peace.

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