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Five Things the World's Greatest Achievers have in Common

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1. They all have some practice of daily gratitude.

Howes says, “Gratitude matters most. It’s one of the core themes shared by all of the guests who come on the show. These are some of the most successful people in the planet. They can be, do, and have anything they want, and every single one of them is quick to talk about gratitude.” It’s hard to be angry, resentful, upset and grateful at the same time.

God does not exist. You look for the Creator, you will find the Creator in the connections between us. The love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, Willingness to recieve and bestow.

Cannot tell another how to define this precisely, how to define God. I can tell you it is not in fake appearences or letting negative perceptions out. Look for these qualities in yourself. Feel them for yourself and take them with you wherever you go. You can have both the above and below function together as a whole with positive benefit when you hold these virtues most high.


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