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What's the right word for this seeing/divination?

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What's the right word for this seeing/divination?

Hi all!
recently I found that I can deliberately do one strange thing. when I talk with someone, I am able to hear something more than just words. I can tell the person something new, unknown, sometimes help make a decision or point out the real problem. Part of it might be rational, as I am a language teacher and I'm used to notice (and, if needed, repeat with accurate wording and intonation) the frequency (im a math sence) of certain vocabulary, the intonation and rythm changes and all that. But some of that is something unexplainable...
And I want to practice that. but how to find people and invite them if I don't have a word for it?
it's not a pure psychotherapy (and I'm not a therapist anyway), it's not a divination. It's like Tarot cards reading, but with no actual cards..

what's your thoughts on that?


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clairaudience-the faculty of perceiving, as if hearing, what is inaudible

that's the word id use to describe whats happening

working within the world now

you already have a head start with your field of study

because with the knowledge you already seem to have 

if you study into your gift you will find out how in allignment you are right now 

listening to them both in word and intention

you got this and i just know youll find a way to frame it thats your own

so pretty much dont try to be more psychic 

just strive to be more of yourself and youll find the answers for you and them 

along the way


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