Cybo (Bashar's Synchronicity Game)

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Has anyone else checked this out?  I just started playing with my brother and we're pretty bad it at (lol).  

For anyone not familiar with Bashar and Essassani you can check it out here: http://basharchanneledbydarrylanka.org/

It's a fun little game where you can 'practice synchronicity' with other people.

The general jist is, you have a 12 sided die that you roll in patterns to make points, you have three dice rolls to make a pattern, and there are other little fun nuances.  It's a 2-6 player game.

They say in their society that in over 1000 years they produced one grand master of the game, who was able to roll the exact same 3 numbers, on subsequent rolls, every time (at least 12 times in a row).

Edit: For anyone interested in trying it out I heard an interview where they were planning on rolling the game out soon.  I'll attach the rules and details of the game if you want a closer look.


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If you don't have a 12-sided die at hand, you can replace it with two regular 6-sided dice. One of them is rolled as a regular die (giving you a result of 1 to 6) and the other one is a "control" die: if it rolls an even number you add 6 to the first die roll, otherwise use the first die roll result as is. Naturally, it's easier when the two dice are different color (or size). Actually, you can do it even with one 6-sided die rolling it twice. As far as I understand, this method gives the same probability of each result as a 12-sided die.

To be clear I'm going to put it like this:

odd + 1 = 1

odd + 2 = 2

odd + 3 = 3

odd + 4 = 4

odd + 5 = 5

odd + 6 = 6

even + 1 = 7

even + 2 = 8

even + 3 = 9

even + 4 = 10

even + 5 = 11

even + 6 = 12


I have no idea how obvious or useful it is but I'll leave it here just in case.

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Got a top score of 15 points (normal rules)! 1 quad, and then another 3 set with a failed roll for a quad.  Anyone else want to take a shot at the top spot  : ) ?

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Cool, thanks! But what does it have to do with synchronicity? Is it about trying to change your luck to above average? Do you decide beforehand which numbers you want to get? Do you have to believe you can roll sequences in order to do so more often?

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