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Yes this topic is all about this one thing that can connect us even closer.

This in my opinion is one of the most important traits to practice on when doing any kind of self work.
Courage is part of it to maybe be the first to ask, to just go on a trip, to try out things for the first time.

Facing fears is part of this courage, to be with your fear validating that it exists saying that it is ok to feel fear. No matter what the outcome may be, trying at all is a lot better than staying in a state of not making any choice to do or initiate anything. It builds experience, confidence and a solid knowing what you prefer from that thing.

 True that the choice of doing almost nothing is an experience in of itself, it can only last so long until your mind gets bored and seeks improvement.
To have the courage to express yourself infront of others. The worst that could happen is death (in my opinion) but how likely would that really be?

If that is the worst that could happen then everything else seems less threatening. You still have your core being or energy within and that is always there no matter how hurt or mistreated you get. You can always with time recover from anything that you perceive you need to heal. 

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In your situation, I'd say connecting with people can bring some of the most empowering courage. Continue exploring connection, compassion and love. This is a surefire way to gain courage! ;) 

Anybody who lives in isolation would feel terrified! And the only way out of this is through stopping the isolating and moving towards connecting. So try connecting to someone for real, and stop distancing yourself from them. :) Step by step. Trial and error can work, there really is no wrong way of doing this. This might also help you find more of your passions. But keep in mind, this can also feed your shadowy aspects if you let your focus go in that direction! So try to be as objective and compassionate as you can ;) Let go of stagnancy and embrace the flow of freedom! 

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it feels like both replies to Jerry's comment are aimed at him as if he has a problem with courage whereas I see Jerry has started a very importnant topic, not to say he has a problem with it. 

My lesson for this lifetime  is courage and I sure plan to pass it. 

One action I can take right now is to invite my friend's kids to a day-time painting workshop next week and go be silly with them. Take her mind of things and see if she will trust me to look after the girls. 


Thank you Jerry! 

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