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The worst experience in this train of thought, that I had, was waking up from a sound sleep straight into a full blown panic attack. My mind went blank (which was not a very long journey), and I hurt myself getting out of the bedroom. That was about 4.5 years past, and to this day I still do not know what I was dreaming about, or what caused the attack. I do know how it stopped, as I was stumbling out of the bedroom I knocked my wife down, and I helped her back up I think, and she said in a very loud tone "do you want to go to the hospital", all I could say was "hospital now". In less than 5min. we were at highway speed, and I was yelling "stop stop stop stop stop", so she pulled over and I said "If we are going to do this, I have to drive", so we traded places and I drove in traffic, at highway speed, while having a panic attack for 20 miles, and finally the act of driving gave me the sense of control that calmed me down. So do I recommend driving while you are having panic attack, HEEEELLL NO, that crazy !!!!! is stupid and extremely dangerous.  I got real lucky that day.


we turned around 5 miles short of the hospital and went home. 

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Based on my own experience with panic attacks, I've created a logical construct and science about it.


I think the origins of a panic attack stem from a combination of factors:

1. Deeply rooted fear coming to the surface

2. An intense moment of anxiety 

3. Not feeling understood, causing more anxiety


The next categorizations are meta-physical but may be correlated to logical phenomena:

4. Your ego is "scared shitless" and starts sending tainted energy throughout your body (this travels faster than the blood  platelets obviously), with the goal of sending it to the brain (either to warn you to stop doing what you are doing or to "escape" from the heart). I am of the opinion that egoic centered conciousness starts in the right side of the heart (the reason is connected to Enki tripping on drugs 20,000+ years ago. The creation of man then infused in us tainted energy. 

5. There is a calling from above and your ego gets scared that it's going to die so does the above shtick^

6. A possession from a spirit that is either 

A. Enki, a formation of Enki that I think tries to enter the left side of the heart (which is the pure side of Enki), or a servant of Enki

B. A demon spirit or plain old negative spirit

C. A curious angel or alien (often the same thing), especially since existence is multi-layered and multi dimensional. Sometimes this curious Angel is dark (derives his life force and energy from Enki and the various 3 unclean Kelipot). A dark angel is created from a deed that was done with a frequency opposite love.


It's important to note that Enki and Enlil are one and the same. One is the concealed form which is a creation and one is a *formation* of Source Energy. We are expected to conquer our own Enkis in the right side of our heart. The left side is the beautiful side of Enki (the goat-fish, but each's spirit animal in the left side of the heart will be unique to their coresponding soul).

The right side of the heart is also where the emotional falculties of your SOUL reside. It has the functional elements of the animal, but with source energy. It's origins are from Yahweh/Enlil. It has no shape or form (it's "air" or space which is the equivalent to light or Source Energy).


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