why i can't feel crystals energy ? HELP!

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why i can't feel crystals energy? HELP!

Hi guys,

i really need a BIG help! i can't feel crystals energy. i did cleanse them and charge them in ALL the different ways known i still feel nothing i thought they were fake so i bought another stone from a different store i still have the same problem please guys i know i need these crystals i read about them and i chose the ones that is going to help me with my problems also i really need to manifest something i can't do it without their help . i talked to a psychic she told me that it might be because i see angel number and signs and that i should stick to that, HOW AM I GOING TO MANIFEST LIKE THAT? HOW IS THAT SUPPOSE TO HELP ME IN MY LIFE PROBLEMS? i thought it might be because of my vibration i might have a low vibration so i started working out and drinking a lot of water just in case it's the reason. the stones are natural I'm sure of that a crystal lover told to buy from that store. help guys please don't ignore my problem.


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If you are feeling this way then I would suggest you consult someone who is master in practicing these psychic powers. You can take help of any who possess some psychic abilities like a Voyance Pure clairvoyant, a tarot card reader, a palm reader, etc. They can help you know the reason behind you not feeling the crystal energy.

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