Energetic Contraceptive

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Energetic Contraceptive


So in the devine feminine video I believe.. Teal mentions how a woman can energetically be her own contraceptive. I am wondering how this is done. I assume it is basically just a mentality of "none shall pass" 

I always had that attitude before my current boyfriend but then we played around with the idea of a baby and were not careful. Young Oberon is now crawling around everywhere. I am good on making more humans for now.



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Haha, while nothing is impossible, I suspect an energetic contraceptive is something that takes a great deal of mastery/understanding of the inner workings of reality. 

I would stick with traditional methods and maybe supplement some energetic work. 

Based on Teal's teachings I would even wonder if  "none shall pass" would imply resistance/persistence, therefore bringing the undesired circumstance even closer!

Best of luck!



- Michael

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