“Fly Went By” Model Of Fear

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5 hours ago, Done Now said:

That said, we're all human, I'm sure there'll be times when, for me, it's more suitable to fight than to move on past things people do or say that seem wrong, albeit uncontrollable... but while I can, it's better to just dismiss the worst people, and focus on the best. We are emotionally powerless when our hands are occupied with sword and shield (I really like that analogy).

Anger is a reaction to fear. To let anger rule means fear already dominates you. That's not a good situation to live out, I feel.

Someone always serves the role of critic (devil's advocate) for the sake of contrast. It should be a celebrated role because it allows us to evaluate and challenge our own beliefs.

The critic archetype is divine in its own right!

I agree with your words on anger/fear. I would encourage you to refrain from engaging in conflict unnecessarily, even though it can be really tempting. Everyone's perspective is valid, and we have to honor that (haha trust me I'm with you).

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