Can someone tell me something about MALACHITE?

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its the most intense crystal i own.   I recently got it..  it drew out so much pain!  
OMG>   can you share your experience with Malachite?
MALACHITE was the most painfully intense drawing out emotion crystal i ever meditated with

I think it needs to be cleaned now.   Because it's like really intense.   Can anyone give me advice on how to clean Malachite?

Also.  I got this tumbled serpentine crystal which i can't understand or figure out at all.
I feel a sense of disconnection with the serpentine crystal.  like it doesn't belong to me.
I don't know what it is or why it's resistant or what's up with it.

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I Love Malachite! I just got my first large piece last weekend. To clean it rinse it with water and try with a soft cloth. Malachite is a softer stone so I'm not 100% sure about clearing it with salt water baths. An alternative to that for clearing stored up energy in the stone would be to do a sage smudge on it or place it in the Earth for up to 7 days(place it in a bag or cloth to keep dirt off if you'd like). After I cleanse my crystals I always charge them. This can be done by sun light, moon light or placing them on top of other crystals like Selenite or Citrine that rarely need clearing and charging themselves. I generally clear my crystals at the full moon then set them out to charge in the moon light over night. Any moon phase will work but the full moon is when it is the strongest. Sun light is only a good choice if the stone is something like Clear Quartz or Selenite because the sun will fade stones like Amethyst or Malachite. 

The reason why it may be intense or painful for you is because Malachite is very closely link with the Heart Chakra. This stone will pull out memories of trauma or pain from your past and present them to you to show you these are the things you need to deal with in order to pursue your goals. If you want inner peace for example, you cannot have it with unresolved issues from you past, so you need to address them in order to heal from them and move forward.

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my thoughts on serpentine are muddled as well. from what I know of it, on a personal level, not a descriptive webpage or other peoples experiences.

serpentine channels very clear intent. when you have a purpose to your meditation, or you wish to manifest something specific, serpentine will be of great benefit.

AuthorofDarkness, you sound like you are in a place f pain, a place in your life where you are learning about your trauma, and piecing together who you are through what the world thinks you are, or expects of you. my recommendation, is place the serpentine near you (not ON you), to guide you on your path. Healing crystals may benefit you the most right now, strong, loving crystals. Rose quarts, tourmaline, citrine, carnelian. I have a piece of peach colored agate that holds my sorrow for me so it does not overwhelm me. Do you have a local gem store? If so, I know for a fact that the people that own, or work in stores like that are more than qualified to help you find stones of self love. They may have a connection with the stones already, and may be able to guide you to the one (s) that resonate with you.

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