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Children's Spiritual education curriculum

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Children's Spiritual education curriculum

I've had an opportunity dropped in my life to help create and structure the children's Sunday school spiritual curriculum and operations for my community's new thought church. It got me thinking and excited about what a great opportunity this might be.

It would probably need to start small and grow bigger. Because of current limitations with volunteers and rooms I was thinking about a Montessori program with activities that are set up in age appropriate groupings that address each category in the spiritual curriculum. I wanted the activities to be fun and introduce spiritual concepts in a way that are meaningful to the kids on their level. I like the idea of the activities to be child directed and not all teacher directed so the children can choose what activity they want to do but I also what to encourage positive social interactions and group activities. I also needs suggestions on how to help the kids feel safe and secure when having to leave their parents while attending the school.

My initial vision is to find a way to inspire this congregation to create a greater ownership for all the children of this community, and find and opportunities to inspire parents to have greater connection and relationships with their children. I also what to create a safe environment for parents to meet and use each other as support and resources to better meet their children's needs. 

What would y'all suggest as subjects that should be included in this curriculum? What activities could be used with various age groups to introduce these concepts in a meaningful way to the kids? How could you incorporate parent and congregation participation?

Thanks for y'alls thoughts and suggestions 

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