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I just came up with a genius idea!

So, a huge part of shadow work is becoming aware of your various aspects in order to integrate them; We become aware of the polarity within us in order to understand our own resistance and thus find out what is preventing us from reaching our bliss.


What if we had the idea to have 'alter ego' profiles on the forums? Like how a person can have multiple profiles on YouTube, but on the forums?


So, let's say you have a personality that had a lot of anger that was never allowed to be expressed. But you don't want to channel that aspect of yourself just anywhere, partially because it scares the hell out of you, and partially because this is the internet and you don't want something with your name attached that is angry... (just hypothetically, LOL, this can be with any aspect of yourself). So you could, set up a profile on here with this alter ego as a username (such as fireflame999 just an example) And channel that aspect on here, to the people who could give this aspect some room to breathe. Let's take it a step further and you can switch between multiple personalities / fragmentations etc. etc.


So hypothetically a person has a higher self self, an angry self, a sad self, a lonely self, a flirty self, a totally anxious self, etc. etc. All accessible from your forum profile, and you can choose which one to post as depending on how you're feeling.


People can choose whether they want alter egos or not, and also whether or not other people can view the usernames of their alter egos.


Then let's say you can even have private threads where you can chat to yourself and channel each individual aspect until you get to the heart of your anger/sadness/anxiety OR have an outlet for your flirty/gangsta/alien etc. self as well!


Thoughts? :) SHARE EM!



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