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I have been seeing the numbers 119, 222, 333, 444 chronically for the past 4 years. Recently I have been seeing 119 and 777. I was born on Nov. 9th, 1994. That is 11/09. My attention is often directed towards 119 in my everyday life. I was just wondering if anyone has any theories or insights into these numbers? Has anyone else experienced 119.

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119 is neither a master number nor prime number so you reduce it.

Reduced it becomes master number 11.

1 + 1 + 9 = 11

Master number 11 is the number of awakening, intuition, often leads many to study numerology.

Its time for you to begin your upgrade.

 Time was awhile ago but now you have been lead to specificity which means you'll have no excuse for avoiding it.

If you want to talk further I'll need to know a bit about your life in order to advise your progress.

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Be warned...

When you recieve clear indication from the universe that your time of moving upward is at hand you may experience a tearing away of your old life.

Things you used to enjoy may become impossible to enjoy ever again.  Jobs may become unbearable to work.

If you fight this when it begins it will become more extreme with every event until itll be life or death experiences.

Eventually death.

I'm not trying to scare you just letting you know how it works.

For me this was instant but I'm not necessarily a normal person by any standard I had no choice or time.

For you it may be less extreme yet still its best to go with the flow at a pace your comfortable with.

Have fun with your upgrade.  If you go with it your life will definitely get much better.  Even if its already great.

You've been warned ?

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