TwinFlame or Karmic?

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TwinFlame or Karmic?

Hello, Dear Friends - I've had a strange encounter starting May 3rd 2018..

My Sister Has a Co'worker, she came over to get her hair done. I've Never Spoken or Talked To This person. Neither Have I've Known about twinflames.

I was upstairs in my room i came down to get a glass of water. the moment i stepped into the kitchen i had this feeling as of Deja Vu. I couldn't explain how it felt but i went upstairs to get into the shower and come back down to look at least presentable 

when i went to go refill my glass with water i couldn't understand what was going on i felt this magnetic type pull... i than began to go into the living room... to Relax sit on the couch and really think things through what in the world just happen

after that later that night i went upstairs and laid on my bed and went on facebook and on my sisters facebook she had shared a link with this girl that was over so i clicked on her profile to figure out what is going on

the moment i seen her face i couldn't describe what it was but this type of knowing them but i didnt even speak to them they tried to introduce me that night but i felt nervous because  i didn't know how to explain myself after this all happen i started having weird symptoms the next day like feeling this deep heart pain for no reason i started to get nervous trying to understand and the thoughts of this woman was flooding my mind daily for like three weeks. she came over again but this time i didn't say anything we kinda tried to look each other in the eyes but that was it everytime i was around this person i felt anxious or like intense anxiety not understanding what truly is going on... after all this she came over today 'LATE' i was in my room listening to music on youtube came downstairs and she was in the living room talking to my sister so i went to go let my dog in and she was in the kitchen and she walked past me saying excuse me as she was trying to get through and there goes again this intense emotion type pain not understanding what is going on . if shes a true Twinflame thats awesome but GOD DOES THAT NOT FEEL RIGHT. - Please Help Much Love! ♥

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Romantic love, if it is true love, it can bring a lot of happiness.
But if it is not true love, it will make you suffer, and make the other suffer as well.

Now what you are going through does not sound like love - it sounds very troubling.

You know how a night insect is attracted by a bright light, it sounds like that

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