Central Coast -San Luis Obispo county

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Hi Danika!

i sent you a message directly ....

....trying the “ reply/comment” route HERE too :)

my # is 805.459.7086

please feel fre3 to call or text!

Really looking forward ! 

That is, making  a local connection to another Teal Triber is a priority for me.....

... I get how LIFE IS BUSY also, so at your leisure!

Im super laid back, however my energy/ vibratory “flux” is pretty buoyant! ( @ least that’s what I’ve been told! lol )

B C N U Soon!

stace ( aka breeze)

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Hey Breeze!


Sorry I didn't see your message til or Teal now!  I have much going on but would LOVE to chat.  I am in Atown and very layed back and trying to gain passage into my own inner self.  I truly enjoy Teal and would like to make her next California game?

My cell is 423 9303. Text me 1st cuz I seem to be eligible for a lot of  "free cruises and stuff"now from local number so if I get a text, I'll be sure to call.

Around all weekend, friend!  Looking forward to conversation!

Karen ~ danika


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