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Plateau, Crossroads, Life

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Plateau, Crossroads, Life

Hi friends, reaching out to the spiritual community here for some brainstorming/intuitive feedback.

I am an American who moved to Europe for my partner, and am currently living a life to a very different pace, style and demand. When we speak, my partner and I have the same priorities, and similar values- however we are caught in a "groundhog day" where neither of us is living according to our preferred life system. My partner has a child in school here, and we are not going anywhere- we dedicated ourselves to be here for her, and here is where she stays, but we both are far from the ocean that we love. He is in a non-fulfilling paycheck job, and I am finding myself looking for work in places that I am not sure suit me.  I feel like I am in the right place, at the right time, but am missing some... direction/signal that is pointing me to my ideal direction. Like the right direction is standing right behind me, or out of view, but close. My partner feels the same, that we are spinning around in circles at a crossroads, or waiting at a train station. I have been given the opportunity to grow a business that feels right, however the demand for money is pushing that dream farther away, and time is passing so quickly.  The more I feel like this, the more my health is having issues, and now he is experiencing this also. We did some deep connection work to get in touch with our inner realms, and He experienced being unable to get to (it always stayed at a distance) my inner walls/boundaries. He showed me his fragmentation in a dance of character, like musical chairs. We both couldn't get past it and just have plateaued. Any ideas?


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