Lleo Oneiro

道 Aloha Nαɱαsɫé ॐ नमः शिवाय God is Love السلام عليكم שָׁלוֹם audio metamorphosis is the completion of life 004

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Hi. I found Teal in February 2012 while doing existential online research, in combination with Spirit Science, and everyday has been better since! I wasn't raised religious or anything and sought education and spirituality on my own. I have studied in virtually all fields; my main attraction is in spiritual communities and sharing information and experience with others. I was introduced to Western Kabalah through Aurum Solis in 2004, which lead to learning Western and Vedic Astrology, Astrotheology, Goetia, Thaumaturgy, and a true sense of place and belonging in the multi/universe that is all of us! and have built and maintained groups of millions in online spiritual, occult, "truther" and many other related subjects.. I have studied Tao since 1993, Jeet Kune Do, and had an unexpected experience around the time of encountering Teal online that I learned was my kundalini awakening. I have since saught to share information about spirituality, supressed knowledge, and expose people in the mainstream for a better world. My mother's father was a Mahi Shriner and Wells Fargo International Banker, however I have chosen not to join any secret societies or fraternities and present knowledge and wisdom for all who seek it. I have a great deal of clairvoyance with a powerful voice and default to a endless sense of humor so don't hesitate to hit me up or tell me where to stick it!

Teal & Blake have been great sources of inspiration for me and prove this life can be awesome no matter what!

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