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Tessa Rae

Emotional cause of B12 malabsorption? :)

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Hey all!

In light of Teal's new video, I'm just gonna put myself out here to get a conversation going!

So, over the past year I have discovered that I have b12 malabsorption... After being a vegan and realizing that I was losing the 'moons' on my fingernails despite taking a b12 supplement every day, I came to discover I must be having a problem with absorbing b12!

I've looked into the physical causes of it and heard celiac could be a cause, so I have been gluten free for a while. Meanwhile, I'm taking a b12 supplement with intrinsic factor and pancreatic enzymes so that my body and still uptake it in my body.

I've tried looking into the spiritual causes, but haven't found much. After asking myself what the cause could be, I have some possible answers, but would like you guys' input as well :)

I asked what b12 does, and it helps give you energy, which in turn helps with cognitive function and the likes. If I am malabsorbing b12, I think this could translate over to the emotional cause of not absorbing positive energy when I am with other people. This certainly makes sense to me, as sometimes I feel like I tend to dwell on the negative while the positive moments in my life get only a little bit of air time in my mind.

What do you guys think? Have any other ideas what could be causing this? Thanks for your kind input :)

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Try researching the Solar plexus Manipura Chakra.

Thats the stomach area where your intrinsic factor is deficient.  

Listen to the Manipura Sound Frequency during meditation and ponder your issues.

Do that meditation Just after you eat your B12 food and focus specifically on absorbing the B12.  You can form a thought picture in your mind of your cells drawing in the nutrients.

It may take a couple tries to work and it may not work.  Try it with full confidence that it will work though because what you think affects your body.

If you do that in tandem with all your other methods they should work together to increase efficiency.  Slowly but surely.

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Genetic variant.  At least 50% of the population has a variant on their MTFHR gene that makes it hard or impossible to absorb B12.  Anyone with this variant is going to have a much harder time as a vegan than those who eat egg yolks, etc, due both to the more limited amounts of B12 in vegan foods and because un the US, processed foods such as flours and pastas are now, by law, "fortified" with folic acid, and of the type that is not digestible to the 50% of us those who have that gene, which then blocks any  active folic acid and b12 we may get lucky and encounter in our diets, compounding the problem. 


Luckily, the solution is simple:

Try taking the "activated" form of B12, a sublingual methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin and take an activated folic acid such as folapro (or any other "folic acid" sold as  5-methyltetrahydrofolate).  

Although I prefer to tweak my levels by taking them separately (b12, folapro, and p5p, which I adjust to my needs as they change day-to-day)  A well rounded supplement is Methy-guard by Thorne.  

If you want more info, just look up MTHFR.  




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