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Earth's Galactic History - Overwhelming Drama - Making sense of it all?

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Earth's Galactic History - Overwhelming Drama - Making sense of it all?

It's so hard to formulate a question to help ease the weight of confusion:

It's been hard enough waking up to the manipulation and control techniques of current and past cultures; the symbolism and ideologies used to constantly keep us down.  BUT now we have all this new information coming to light that for the most part we are to take on faith - more so open ourselves up to the drama of so many claims where even in our wildest dreams we still don't know as fact or fiction.  I understand the gist of your finding purpose videos however in light of so many claims and stories ... where is one to start?  

What is symbolic and what it real?  Are grey aliens no more real than the demons in your previous videos?  Nothing but mere manifestations of our thoughts?  If so - why are there so many people focusing on prison planet theories?  Are we in a struggle ... is there a WAR going on?  

Is working on light and bliss part of the illusion of one's prison cell?  I do worry that we live in a time where new age people are selfish thinking more of themselves and blaming those with low states of being.  Yet I do feel through working on my own suffering that perhaps a genuine intent to search for the light ... the warmth ... the source to which I can not yet define.  That said ... all this talk on Earth's Galactic History and boundless alien theories - mostly fear ... more fear and sign up here ... 

I am losing my way where once I was OK with just feeling whatever peace whilst still knee deep in suffering.  More meaning - OK with living/coexisting with Low States - Dysfunctional family and friends - as I beleive is my purpose to be - no matter 'the' view ... but now ... all this drama is dragging me down.  It's hard to find purpose or reason ... with so much fear mongering - all this talk of alien warring - domination and so on.

In this I struggle - I am wary of bliss because I have come to see that as a double edge sword that requires more respect than it often gets ... more so due to blinkered ways of being in a world full of pain ... a selfish path that leaves so many behind - so many of us fear losing our strength when going to help - perhaps this is just my reality because I am subject to the news / media ... despite my spiritual seeking in a family not so aligned.  Whilst I do not wish to leave my friends and family to chase an environment of high frequency ... (Not into the currency of attraction, prosperity or beleive it warrants leaving) Yet I still yearn to become one with this undefined term call source:

BUT - this drama on inter-dimensional beings - domination - galactic history - archons - fear - fear and more fear - drama ... it lowers my state :( 

Is it real and should we be concerned? 

What are the real dangers of all this inter dimensional travel and states of being? 

How do we glean what really matters and leave out that which only seeks to keep us down?

My mind feels damaged from major fragmentation.  There is a sense of attraction to the drama ... but the more I meditate on simplicity the more I just want to focus on stability which for me is as simple as fostering peace during an agonizing life of mental anguish and debilitating illness.  I've a good inclination for tuning in and finding peace ... BUT ... all this drama and story telling ... it's dragging me down.  It's not the non believers or those that are so worn out that they can't stand on their own two feet.  For me they are my purpose!  I do my best to draw strength from that which I don't understand but just know - that seems to brings me peace - but again - all this drama of so alien domination and prison planet theories ... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz is dragging me down. :(  

So - Where does all that drama fit?  Where does one start, in order to make sense of it all?

Apologies I could not be more concise or produce a higher frequency.   I will perk up in time .... I just need some direction.
Thank you for the opportunity and space for me to pose as best I can.


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This is open for anyone to answer.  Perhaps I could of said things differently but then that would of obscured my view point.  

Please advise if I am in the wrong place to be asking these kind of questions or If further clarification is need?


Earth's Galactic History - Overwhelming Drama - Making sense of it all?
Where to start and what's the point?

Assistance required...


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