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Raccoons damaging the house

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Raccoons damaging the house

Raccoons are a frequent visitor to my house. They enter into the roof of my house via the trees and get access to the house. It is causing a nuisance to my family. My younger daughter is very scared of him while the eldest one is not at all scared and throws stones over the raccoons. He is very naughty and not at all scared and often tries to go near to these animals. Nowadays, I won’t let my kids play outside. I am afraid whether these animals might attack my kids. The raccoons are considered to be a clever animal and over years they have tried to adapt to the city life. These animals are able to break chimney, roof, and anything to find a shelter in our house. They did the same to get access to our house. They broke the roof vent and tried to enter the house. We trimmed the branches of trees to prevent them from entering the house but at the same time, they figured another shelter for themselves. They entered into our garage and is causing destruction inside it. I can't prevent them from getting in the house anymore. We have decided to seek the help of wildlife control services in Markham for getting rid of them. I want them to be removed at earliest because I have heard that raccoons are carriers of zoonotic diseases which are harmful to humans as well as our pets. How can we protect ourselves from raccoons?

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