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Introduction to Crystals

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Introduction to Crystals

I would like to learn about crystals. What can you recommend as a first introduction to crystals?

And @Crystal Rob your alias begs the question :) Can you recommend any learning resources?

It is alright if a book or whatever that comes to mind for you is particularly dense. Whenever the author just writes from a "knowing" of principles, I tend to learn very rapidly.

There is this distinction I want to share with you. I imagine that if you have decades of experience with spirituality, you understand already. It is like when I look some people in the eyes, I see mastery. I see this with Teal and a very few others. Do you know what I mean? My only criteria is that if possible I want to learn about crystals from an author who is like that.

The reason I've developed this interest is because I want to own a crystal that can feel like "serenity" or "vibrance" to me. Maybe I want to be able to make my space feel more like however I want to feel, and perhaps crystals can help. I came to remember now; When I was 4-5, I would care about stones a lot. I think that was very helpful at the time.

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I haven’t read any books on crystals but I have seen a video of what Teal says about crystals.  Here is the message that I got from the Teal video:

if you want to find a crystal that feels like serenity or vibrancy then you, yourself will have to find the crystal(s) that feel that way. Someone might be able to make a recommendation. And books might provide some insight for you. Ultimately, it will be your personal relationship with the crystal and the way it makes you feel that matters.

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3 hours ago, Blaze35 said:

Can you recommend any learning resources?

And Scot said:
"...Ultimately, it will be your personal relationship..."


Dear Blaze35, thank you for your question. More to the point, why is my Profile picture that way...?
Back to your questions:

1/ Book: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall published by Godsfield, UK.
It's a small reference book 170 x 140mm and part of a series of small reference books Godsfield publish.
There are two (that I have in the series) because the second has other crystals in it that the first doesn't.
My use: checking out various efficacies they are for (i.e.: their healing purposes). Useful as a reference book. Basically, all the knowledge I can get on something is a driving factor for me.

2/ Personal: I probably 'knew' about crystals when i was younger but it meant nothing to me until a few years ago when I went to a clairvoyant and mentioned I had trouble meditating. She said "Have you heard of singing crystal bowls?" "No", I said. "Oh", she said. 
And that was the start of my journey with Clear Quartz; probably the most powerful stone you can get. My 8 Chakra bowls are made of 99.99993% crystal quartz manufactured in Utah of all places as that's the purest quartz you can get. Crystal Tones is the company that make them. Some of mine are the original clear quartz only (these days they are infused with minerals or metals) plus I have other bowls of clear quartz infused: citrine Grandmother solar plexus chakra note E, a platinum Throat chakra note G, smokey quartz Root chakra note C, gold coated Earth Star note C# and an Egyptian Blue Pineal gland note A#.
I use my bowls to create serenity and Joy for those that come to listen to them. Look on my Profile page under images and you'll see a pamphlet on singing crystal bowls. Basically they help people zone out and I do guided meditations and take people on inner journeys. I call it "The easy way to meditate - Lie down, zone out, float away."

So crystals, yeah, daily. I keep an Onyx with me (one Teal played with all day on stage in Auckland New Zealand Syncronicity workshop Jan 2016) and its my 'protector' stone and usually a small clear quartz.

When I do Reiki, I will present my crystals to the client to see if there is any they may wish to hold in their palms during the Reiki session.

Anyways, as Scot says, the stone may pick you because you will feel something from one stone even if it is in a pile of the same (at a shop). The stone and you will stay together until you don't need it anymore or someone else comes along you feel inspired (wink wink) to give it to.
Like the colour you wear from day to day, you can have a connection to a particular crystal. You can either research it and use it for the intended use or - like me, feel inspired to be creative. So my best ever crystal is pure crystal clear quartz and I'd say that you can do a heap of stuff just by the intention you set with it. So multi-use.

That clairvoyant knew something of where I was going that pieces of the puzzle are now starting to show.

I hope this helps Blaze35. And I wish you well on your crystal journey :-)  

crystal Rob

PS: Keep in mind that anything that is part of a greater consciousness, (i.e.: humans, a group of trees in a forest or plants in a garden), a piece of crystal is a part of a greater consciousness of itself and though it is a part and apart from the rest, (scattered pieces) it still has a connection with all parts.

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@Crystal Rob You do call yourself "Crystal" Rob so I figure you knew about crystals, and I was right!

I think the Crystal Bible will suit me well. I actually thought about how Teal would play with the crystals from the crystal table in the early workshops (or only NZ?), and I want that too. I think that would be very calming.

There was something else that I've wanted to ask you so I write a PM.

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