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Some time ago, when I began with meditation and with Akashic records, several people told me: "do that is dangerous, you should protect yourself or something bad could happen to you" on several occasions. Since then I began to feel afraid, very afraid, to the point of not being able to meditate anymore.

I want to transmute this with Completion Process, of course that when one begins to meditate, the box of worms opens and can not be closed again (I mean the unconscious and the repressions). And since I am always in contact with my unconscious, my fears are presented to me in mental images during my daily life, without my wanting it. This particular fear comes to me with symbols of a dark meaning, many times in my body. That scare and paralyzes me when I want to meditate or open my akashic records.

Here's my question: how can I do my shadow work in this case? I would have to feel the fear and start seeing the images I always see without resistance? I let them hurt me? and then? Thank you.


Sorry for my basic English, I hope I was clear despite that, haha.

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7 hours ago, Mai-da said:

How can images hurt you? 

they are mental images that appear to me when I close my eyes and I am in a low emotional state. They would be like scenes from a nightmare. For example, the other day I was scared and when I closed my eyes, I saw as a kind of human figure, with a thin black physical complexion with big fangs that approached me to bite my neck.

that's just an example, like the symbols. I know these are representations of my internal fears. It is nothing "from another dimension"

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