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Sorry people, I had trouble with my post. The text was missing. Here is my Question and Topic.

Have you had any experiences with Animal Spirit Guides? and if so, what download of knowledge did you receive?

The following is an experience from my Spiritual journey. The message was about the Quantum Field and the Realm of All Possibilities.

The Meadow And The Fawn

A Spiritual Journey

From ThunderBearVoice2016

The Journey begins as we find ourselves standing at the edge of a Meadow. There is a Forest of Green that encircles the Meadow and beyond the green of the Forest there is a Lake. In this Meadow the Sun shines brighter giving all things extra clarity and brilliance..

The grass in the meadow is long and brushes against our skin as a gentle wind begins to blow. All the leaves in the forest begin to dance in the in the Wind and the rustling of the leaves sings. The Meadow is alive and full with Harmony.

The Wind quiets to a gentle hum and we are drawn to movement in the center of the Meadow. As we focus on the Movement, The image of a young Fawn emerges.

The atmosphere around the Fawn is filled with the feeling of Peace and Stillness and Comfort. As we breathe in the scene, two questions begin to form.

What is giving the Fawn comfort? ”

What is the Wisdom of the Fawn that brings him Joy? “

The Fawn is beautiful. His soft brown coat is spotted with small white circles in various shapes and sizes. He smells fresh like a gentle rain. His nose is cold and wet and his ears twitch gently as the blades of Grass caress him as he feeds in the Meadow.

The Fawn lifts up his and looks directly at us. In that moment there is an instant connection and we are drawn into the Perspective of the Fawn. The Fawn is inviting us to accompany him on a Journey.

Though our mind's eye, the Fawn takes us to an Island. We are above the Island looking looking down. Below us, there is a Forest of Vibrant Green Trees and a Beautiful wide Flourishing Meadow.. The Island is surrounded by a beautiful Lake that sparkles with Clarity and Light. It is a Lake of Endless Possibilities.

Now, the Fawn guides us closer to the Island. We are now above the Tree line looking down.

Our focus is drawn to every individual tree and to every individual blade of grass. We are drawn back into the sky where we take one final look at the image in it's fullness In that moment, we are back in the Meadow.

Then as we ponder the image of the Fawn, The meaning of his Vision begins to unfold.

The Wisdom of the Fawn is the Knowledge that he could Be anywhere he wanted to Be.

The Joy of the Fawn was his Awareness of the Comfort and Peace and Love that was always with him wherever he went.

As we left the Meadow, This scene unfolded.

With a twitch of his nose and twinkle in his eye, the Fawn began to feel an immense Joy which then turned into incredible happiness. The fawn began to frolic and play and began to dance across the Meadow.

He was happy because his Heart knew that his Gift of Awareness he had offered today was accepted by Those who had visited him in his Meadow.

The Fawn began to leap for Joy. He ran around the Meadow several times before stopping at the edge at the farthest corner of the Meadow. He turned and gave us one last look.

The Fawn looked into the Forest of Green. Then, in one quick leap, The fawn was gone, disappearing into the Forest of Green and back into the Lake of Endless Possibilities.

The Fawn could Be anywhere.


















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I enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing!

I'm having conversations with animals all the time ?

My main experience and message with them is telepathic communication. 

About 2,5 years ago my female cat didn't come back home. She is a wild child and grew up being very independent, so i wasn't worried first. On a second day i went looking for her.

The bad part about her is that she is not vocal. I could feel she heard  me calling her, but i couldn't locate where exactly was she.

I knew she was in trouble. I kept getting images of the very dark room. She wasn't in any of the local shelters.

about 12 days later my cat finally came into my dream. In my dream i was in my back yard and she was on another side of the fence. I wanted to reach out for her and realized that the fence was as high as the sky.

When i woke up i knew she was somewhere close and kept calling. FINALLY I heard her crying and scratching wood! She was so loud that even all of her 3 brothers ran to that place.  All this time she was stuck in my neighbor's garage that was right beside our fence.



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