Animal Abuse Registry and Animal Cruelty

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Animal Abuse Registry and Animal Cruelty

I submitted the following to Ask Teal. I'm struggling with this. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks everyone. - peace

Hi Teal. I'm vegan. I try to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. I'm still learning - or rather, unlearning and relearning.


What do you say about the National Animal Abuse Registry? Cognitive dissonance? What constitutes "animal abuse?" Does this include cattle farmers? Chicken coops? Deer and game hunters?


What separates them from domestic animal abusers?


What about the cruel treatment of animals used for food? Is that not animal abuse? Why is animal cruelty not treated the same as animal abuse? 


Why do we focus on shaming abusers of domestic animals used as pets? What about pigs or chickens used as pets? And those same "pets" slaughtered and used as food?


The registry doesn't make sense to me. So much of our human practices don't make sense to me. Ugh. My heart. 😢

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