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I found Teal Swan the first time on you tube a few years back. I thought it would be very healthy for me to start to meditate.  The first year, I started getting vibrations in my nose and face. That is as far as Ive been when it comes to meditation. What am I doing wrong? Why has it been four years and I cant meditate? Am I meditating and don't know it?

My cousin is an empath. She told me to try frankincense. So a couple weeks ago I got in the bathtub, lights off, turned on a youtube vibration energy video for an hour. Im staring at the back of my lids but for some reason I cant make anything out. When I walked out of my bathtub I felt down in my tummy that I just came from somewhere.

I have tried everything from thinking im in a bubble to imagining a purple light coming from my brain to imagining an eye opening in my forehead while my eyes are closed. Doing it while I walk, during sex, talking.

I am so off. I need some help so that I can be the best I can be for my children.

Any comments, anything, would help please.

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Hello :)

First of all relax :) and don't worry. Everything is fine. 

So. Meditation is really just consciously watching our thoughts. In its most simple form it goes something like this. 

" im just sitting here. My legs feel funny when they are crossed. My nose itches. Mm mango. Oh im not breathing!.  If I cant sit crossed legged for long does it mean im not spiritual?. There is a cat hair on the floor there." 

You get the idea.  Thats simple meditation. And you dont have to do that for as long as you think to get a benefit. 5 mins is great.

From there you can go anywhere. Just focusing on breath. Or holding an image in your minds eye. To feeling the air around you. Feeling into complex idea or holding two contradictary concepts in your mind and feeling the tension and interplay between them. Or a fully realised in depth visualisation. 

But from your question I gather you are wanting a more visionary experience. 


With some practice it is quite easy. Be careful with expecting more than it is or thinking its bigger than it is. 

If you only get some faint flickering light it is still a success. 

So. The thing I found most useful in this regard is looking at the back of my closed eyes with the expectation of seeing something. 

Its a bit abstract but imagine you are having a conversation with someone. You say something and then you do this expectant feeling while you wait for the person to reply.  You want to create that feeling in a visual medium......

That feeling is important.  Sorry I dont think I expressed that very well lol. These thingngs are easier face to face. 


So look at your eyelids but with a sort of softened gaze. And try to percieve some sort of depth.  And just play around. See if you can make the blackness move or shift in colour or texture. What happens when you change your visual perspective?.  


After a while that will develop into things and patterns and eventually fully immersive visionary journeys!!!  Lol. 

There is a special place balancing between.awake and asleep. Thats where you want to be ;)

Relax and have fun. 


The bit about needing to be the best you for your kids is an honourable motive. It really is and I commend you for taking responsibilty for your situation.  That really is making the world a better place. 

If you want to talk about that there are people here (including me :) ) who are happy to talk in depth with you about that. 

That need is probably not going to help with defocusing enough to get out of body or succeed in the full vision quest. These things are subtle and shy. They have this beautiful unfolding watery quality to them. Rigid desperate need is too..... rigid for them. Relax relax relax all is good.  You can do both. Self work and exploration. Just make sure you have tea when its time for tea and coffee when its coffee time :)



(I am on a new phone and im not used toto the keyboard yet. Editing.and spelling and stuff is just going to have to wait haha. Sorry!)

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There are lots of forms and types of meditation.  And lots of resources that can help. 

“Headspace” is an app that teaches meditation.

my favorite app is called “insight timer”.  It has literally thousands of guided meditations.  

But in simple terms you are trying to quiet your mind.  Of course thoughts will come but you can just acknowledge them and let them go.  Don’t get upset with yourself if you get caught up in a thought.  

Mediation is single pointed awareness.  If you fall asleep and lose awareness then you aren’t meditating.

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Ok so im taking this way too seriously is what im getting? Telling me to relax is like telling a boulder to move. Thats why im trying to meditate. I understand that if you have thoughts you let them come in then let them pass. Maybe im looking for something i just cant get to and i dont know what it is. Thanks for the input. And yes im trying to get better for my kids. They are still very young but at this age is where they learn from me. Thats why im so worried. 

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Sorry if my insistence on relaxing was insensitive. I only say it because I can feel your need so strong. I don't mean to suggest the obvious or piss on a bonfire haha. 

As a full time father of an almost two year old I empathise with you. Its very hard watching/predicting the negative programming be ...programmed into their innocent beings.

(Random bullshit warning)  be specific with yourself. What exactly are the lessons you don't want to teach. Get real specific and grounded.  "Life is hard and painful."

And then how are you teaching that? " by crying and moping around. And sighing ......a lot "

Then, how could you make it a little less likely that you would do that again.  " by adding more nice things to the day. Plenty of coffee , play piano more , do more exercise, get out of the house as much as possible." 

Its very simple bullshit but by doing that simple process on a few things you.end up with a list of things to make life better. 

You just have to be honest and real with yourself. Don't list things you can't really do or don't actually make you feel good.

End of bullshit. 



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