Source was wrong, and why that's so great.

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The point of life is to expand universal consciousness, and due to the law of attraction expansion can't happen without negative things happening to show us what positive is. So negative things are necessary for expansion. Yet, humans haven't been expanding their consciousness enough because we're caught up in all the negativity, which is essentially killing our planet and life. So our death is necessary for the expansion of source. Meaning that source needed to learn this lesson in this negative way so that it can figure out a better way. Technically, our universe is at its bottom and it has to start fresh. We are a failed experiment. Nothing is wrong with failure, failure is meant to give us reason to improve. The failure of humanity is meant to teach the source of humanity, our universal consciousness, that the law of attraction doesn't work and we need a new way of expanding. 
That's pretty fucking beautiful. But it's going to kill most of humanity, and probably most of the animals on earth. 
But it also means that the horrible way humanity is going is ok, good even, because it has to get worse before it can get better. We can only start to rebuild once we hit bottom. 
Either we get on board now and expand our consciousness to the point that we are no longer attracting the negativity that's going to kill everyone, or we die with them. Both options are ok, because we're all one. Those that stay learn what they need to to continue expanding, and those that leave get to start from a fresh perspective. Either way, we all expand together. 
Last week I hit my rock bottom. I wanted to die, I wanted to spread hatred because I was so completely broken. Then I watched Teal's Santa fe synchronization workshop, as well as other videos, and I had a huge ephany that sent me on a spiral to this moment. My depression is completely gone. My anger is gone. My guilt is gone. And I feel joy that is literally vibrating my entire body. 
This whole thing just poured out of me and I'm putting it here because I'm seeking more expansion by way of meeting people that I can relate to and learn from. And because I thought I might explode otherwise. :)
Much love to all.
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Ok all of this is fun and games until you cut your finger with paper. Not to mention what happens when mayhem breaks loose like wars or natural disasters. What I'm saying is that everything looks cool on paper in theory, but but in reality it sucks. War and all of that sucks. And honestly I could care less if source made a mistake or not, because at the end of the day it would be my family and friends that I see hurt, not source. 

I wish it would be easy to feel all of that vibrational magic in the air so that the existence of god could seem more credible. But damn, sometimes I just stop my self and think "am I just a lunatic with a tin foil hat on right now?". I love to read and listen to all of this stuff about spirituality, because there is a sense of being incomplete since birth, but it in real life and often a six shooter might be more handy than years of spirituality.

And you would say, no, because if you vibrate at higher frequency then you would not be a match to those situations where you need a gun and bdudhdhsis..... Yeah, but it just feels like an excuse sometimes.

Wat do?

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I think its more than just believing in god/source, you cant really say we are one and the actions don't show it, you just become a parrot at that point calling yourself spiritual when the whole planet has to wake up, meaning change diet, lifestyle, all these things, its more than just believing in god. everyone is at there own level of evolution of consciousness, but there are people way ahead and way behind, the behind ones die, because we have to wake up or that happens. its hard to step outside of ourselves, but the world is changing and I think it will go bad before it goes good just seeing everyone still eating crap, not evolving, so they will die wondering why they are sick because they aren't connected and own their own thoughts. I'm not saying you, just being around people in general, they're not correcting something when it goes wrong so it will only get bigger. we are all fragments of each other, if your body is dirty you cant even see that, diet and spirituality go together, and its a knowing not a hmmm I wonder. it will all be good at the end of the day lol, but for sure we will evolve because the earth is evolving.

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when you speak of expansion like its achieved through the negative vs the positive you are not speaking of God/ Source at all.  what you are understanding is duality. duality is not the ultimate truth. duality is where you come to feel separate from truth.

Source is never wrong because the whole idea of "wrong" is totally alien to it.

language itself can not be used to describe source/ love because our language itself is a tool used to point so specifics which only exist within this entire world of duality.

while i do grasp what you mean when you point to the stirring of the pot to fully notice how unhelpful suffering is. do not confuse this with truth because none of it is real. nothing that can change is real.

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