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First European Teal Tribe Completion Process Gathering

Teal Tribe Completion Process Gathering


We are more than excited to invite you to our first Teal Tribe Completion Process Gathering!

This gathering will be a very unique event which will combine the warm feeling of Teal Tribe family, and the healing power of the Completion Process* by Teal Swan.

This gathering is an opportunity for us to connect deeply to our inner selves and also to feel connections with each other. Our 4 days program will be focused on healing using the Completion Process, part work and channeling. We will have fun and also enjoy connection games, music, dancing, connecting with nature and tuning into our emotions and intuition.

You will have the chance to receive a CP from a selective team of CP practitioners who have been trained by Teal Swan, so if you haven't done CP yet this is your chance! And if you are familiar with it, it will be amazing to do it and see how your external world is changing!

What is a Completion Process?

It's an emotional healing modality created by the spiritual catalyst Teal Swan, she used this method to heal her childhood trauma - 13 years of horrific physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

The Completion Process takes you on a restorative journey of healing and liberation. For anyone who has been fractured by trauma—and according to Teal, in one way or another, we all have — the CP is a way to put ourselves back together again, no longer inhibited by the past or terrified of the future.

For more info, check out this video:

What is Teal Tribe Gathering?

It's a spiritual community family gathering similar to a small rainbow gathering, yet our focus is on emotional healing and shadow work, authenticity and expressing all our emotions fully.

The program:

The full program will be announced later :)

We will start Friday morning at 9:30 and finish at 9:30 pm.
Closing circle on Monday at 3:00 pm

You are welcome to arrive one day before and stay longer if you want to connect and spend time with us :)

The CP practitioners:

Coming soon


The early bird price: 130 euro (for the first 5 tickets and until 15th march only)

Normal price: 150 euro *

Food and accomodation:

The place is adventure cozy rather than fancy, it has 8 sleeping rooms, cozy gathering room, huge space outside, and fire circle <3

The cost of accomodation and food together is 55 euro plus 5 euro for borrowing a sheet, pillow's cover etc. (you can bring your own if you like).

If you like to arrive one day before or stay longer its possible with the accommodation cost of 10 euro per day.

Free parking places are available,

How to get there:

By car navigate

Rallenweg 4, 13505 Berlin

Free parking places are available,

By public transformation use

U 6 direction altTegle and then bus 133 direction alt Heiligensee

Or use your google map 😊

What to bring with you:

- Towel
- Refillable water bottle
- Blanket or mat for sitting on the grass
- Blanket or sleeping bag if you want to sleep in your tent or for warming yourself in the night at the fire
- Warm clothes (it could get really cold in Berlin)
- Notebook and pen
- Musical instruments for a music jam at the fire (drums, rattles, flutes, guitars etc.)
- Tools for introducing your workshop (if you want to offer it)
- Torch for safe walking outside in the night
- Swimsuit
- Slippers
- Scarf or blindfold for OSHO meditations
- Your open heart <3


If you share our vision that this kind of gathering is very important and you want to support it, we would love to welcome you to participate at the last day sharing circle with your ideas and energy about how to sustain holding this event in the future <3


*) In order to cover the cost of the practitioners and the space where the event is taking place, it is necessary to increase the usual price of the gathering. We exclude our personal costs as organizers to keep it affordable for everyone <3 Yet it is still a great opportunity as a usual price of one CP session itself is around 150 EUR. Here you will not only have the chance to be facilitated by a certified practitioner, you will meet different practitioners, watch them working in their unique ways, ask your questions, share your experience and learn through Others' experiences.

If money is a problem, don't hesitate to contact Ram Alsamann.


With so much love

Ram, Fredric and Renata.


My experience and why I'm organizing this event?!

The Teal Tribe Gathering has literally changed my life, I felt seen, heard and accepted as I am, I felt the real love and deeper level of authenticity and connection, being in this state of safety and unconditional love allowed me to open up and show vulnerability. It was healing experience that ended my depression and connected me with the most amazing people I have met in my life!

The completion process is a kick ass genus method that changed my perception of life!

We know that time exist in our mind (here and now is the only space we can live in, right?) our past affect us by the emotion that we carry from previous events, trauma happen during painful events where our personality split, so what if we can relive the pain accept it and alter the situation and integrate the personalities splits!, that will change the emotion that accrued at that time and make immediate changes in our life here and now!

Every time I do CP something change in my external life! It's like cleaning my inner crystal so more light can shine from within


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