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Please help me

Racoons are highly intelligent and curious creatures, but they can be a nuisance to us. It can destroy our gardens, mess the garbages and can cause damage while searching for food. Racoons are pretty smart. They ran away from humans, but the chance of attacking dogs and cats are high. They are nocturnal creatures.
Nowadays, these raccoons are disturbing my sleep. A lot of raccoons are there on the rooftop. They always make a scratching sound at night. I just hate these disturbing creatures. I wonder how some people use raccoons as a pet. Even though I want to get rid of these nuisances, I don't want to hurt them. Can anyone suggest some good and reliable ways to remove these disturbing creatures? Trapping these creatures is not an easy task. I really need a better solution. I came to know about
animal removal services in Hamilton. But I have never heard of raccoon removal services. Can anyone help me to find those services?I want to remove them not only because of their disturbance, they can be a way to many dangerous diseases. And I am very much concerned about the health of my husband and children.

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