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Do gambling addiction treatment really work?

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Do gambling addiction treatment really work?

Do gambling addiction treatment really work? My son is addicted to gambling. He is 25 years old and is married. We found that he has gambled over $1000 in the past months. I was informed by his friends that he had borrowed money from them and had never returned it back. His behavior is becoming increasingly aggressive each day. And his wife told me that she can't live with him as he has got gambling disorder. She also told that she wants a divorce. I told him about this, but he is not at all bothered about it. He said he doesn't want to give up gambling. I really don't know how to get him to seek help. I am worried about his future. I'm planning to take him to a gambling addiction treatment in Calgary. I don't know how to convince him and how he reacts to it. Is this treatment effective? Any success stories to share?

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