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Hi guys, 

I am wondering...I met a guy at one point. I felt a strong inexplicable attraction to him. My mind wasn't understanding, my body was going towards him. I was and still am with someone. He was with someone, ended up getting married to the woman, she was pregnant. He was telling me that he wants a connection with me, he feels my energy and wants us to grow spiritually together. He did not seem to lie, but in his mind (as he was explaining) the connection we would end up having had nothing to do with his soon to come marriage or with my relationship. We ended up growing a relationship that was, from his point of view not sexual, not the primary interest but that it would not exclude it since the connection through sex would be much deeper. I felt attraction, a combination of sexual but inexplicable sensation of "i am being understood, deep inside". Well, needles to say...we ended up having sex, i felt bad about it, wanted to stop. My best friend came into the picture, feeling the same attraction to the guy (but not sexual...a strong attraction of "home" - as she said). They ended up talking a lot, his focus went rapidly from me to her. She blocked him (as she said, but told him she felt the attraction with no interest). I ended up furiously jealous, because i felt that something more than a friendship was building there, but both denied it. 3 days after i said i am out of this (relationship triangle) they ended up "figuring out" that they do have feelings for each other.  The man married his wife while wanting to build a relationship with me and waiting on a kid, while building a relationship with my ex best friend). He wants (so he said) to divorce her since he cannot connect to her as he needs.

I am trying my heart out to find an explanation for this situation that my heart and head can understand so i can let go. I am hurt by my friend more because she trusts him more than me. Somehow (she states) i misunderstood the situation and all his explanations make sense. She is a very experienced person, someone that (from what she states) rarely misjudges a person and has a very good connection with her intuition. Can anyone (and i know that my best bet to figure this out is to ask him) help with showing a perspective in which what happened had a good intention, that he, somehow did have a positive intention.


P.S. I know I attracted this. I am aware i'm not a victim, the whole situation came so i can resolve my issues, that i am aware of. Somehow, this reason is not enough for me to have peace with what happen...

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The context of relationships are a bit out of my field. However if you really want to avoid asking him, depending on how strong your own intuitive abilities are, could try drawing the truth out that way, though would probably work better by using intuition on his answers themselves.

Also the whole idea about everything being entirely internal is BS. Nothing is completely one thing. If it was, spirituality and the psychic realms wouldn't necessarily be a thing and science and physical reality would be the singular means of absolutes.

Wish I could be more help.

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Thank you Inquisitor!  I am trying to figure out if i am running away from some answer. I don't really trust the guy to ask him and if the answer would be: "I just found what i am looking for in her"....i would and still  am in a judgement position ( wife, mistress...oh wait..i actually found what i am looking for in the 3rd one...don't really care if she's the best friend and am already involved with the first two)...


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