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Thank you AFA

I met Tatiana during AFA’s Singles Tour in Ukraine last year. And to tell you, that was the

beginning of a very special journey. While the affair is still ongoing, we decided to meet

everyday and date. With the span of one week, I learned to love her. She is so caring,

loving, and beautiful.


Things went so smooth for the both of us. Even though I’m in the States already, we still

managed to do video calls everyday. We talked through phone calls, and chat through

messenger. Then finally, I asked her to become my girlfriend. Fortunately, she said “yes”.


For one year, I’ve been blessed to meet such person like Tatiana. She is my blessing.

She filled that belongingness inside me. She made my life happier. She fills the empty part

of my life. Well, thanks to AFA! It has been a pleasure to use their services!

They helped me find an ideal woman to marry, their service is just extraordinary!


Now, I’m planning to propose to her when I come back to Ukraine next month.

What should be the best speech for her? Can you guys give me some idea?

I want to be romantic while proposing! A great thanks ahead!

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Wait... David (Beckham)! I thouhgt you were happily married to Vitoria Beckham? If that's not the case, mind giving me her number? I mean you don't need it, if you're going to marry Tatiana, right? 

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