Life purpose vs negative core imprint

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Do you know your core intention for this life?


Would'nt it be interesting if when meeting people instead of asking the common questions like what do you do for a living you could express what you and they are about at a core level? Of course I mean if we were all more conscious about it.

So I thought I would ask you here on the subject :  What is your life purpose? !,  Do you know what your core negative imprint is?? I'm adding the video here in case anyone feels inspired on the subject too. I watched the video a long time ago but I think it's very interesting how every person has their own core signiture and purpose.




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My negative imprint is like a sudden let down and disappointment, physically it feels like a very fast sinking downwards/inwards, piercing heartache, and heaviness.

So based on that my life purpose would be... to have my expectations and dreams fulfilled and manifest in physical reality. Particularly the expectations and dreams of a specific connection or relationship.

I also thought of “being left alone” vs. “being included”...which also feels very true.

I literally thought of that just now, and not even sure if it is accurate.

What about yours?

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thank you for sharing @Eveslofl 

 Ironically we're teaching what we have come here to learn. 


To me I think the  most painful feelings since growing up are feelings of insignificance, grantedness  or not enough. 

So I would   t hink  my purpose has to do  with worthyness, value and integrating  feeling loved, 




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