Headaches - can't figure out cause

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Headaches - can't figure out cause

I don't typically get a lot of headaches, until recently. I've already looked through the other threads that are about headaches, and looked into the lists of emotional causes, but nothing really rings a bell. So I'm just going to say anything I can think of that has been going on more recently, and hope someone will see something I don't.

I've been watching Teal's video's for a few years, but it's only more recently that I've been more serious about actually tackling my problems.

Over last summer I dealt with what I think will be the last real bout of depression. I kind of got to the point where I gave up trying to fight everything, like it took me that much to accept my situation. I still live with my mom and two younger siblings (father died a year ago), my mom is quite manipulative, even after having claimed and put in effort to be a better mother and repair our relationship, so I don't think that'll ever change.

I know there's the whole thing of not being able to really work on yourself while still living with your parents but... leaving never worked out. And I honestly don't think the consequences of doing anything for myself are gonna be worth not doing them anymore. I'm really taking steps to get to know myself better, and trying to make sure all of me is on board with what I'm doing so that I'm not working against a part of myself. Which is really fucking hard when your head is pounding.

I confessed to the girl I like about a month ago, she didn't want to date me but it didn't affect our friendship. A few days something happened in her life -I don't know what- and she's not in a space where she feels like she can really talk to me, or others, right now. And I'm honestly surprised by how not worried I am. I was in a good mood when she said she needed some space, so I figured it normal for me to trust in the universe enough not to worry, but it's kind of weird that I still don't really worry even when I'm in not such a good mood. At least that's not what I'm used to.

I've been trying to be on my laptop and phone less, so I'm sure those are not the cause of my headaches.

I never take any kind of medication, all I've done is make sure I have enough fresh air, food and water, and then sleep the headache away. But by now I've slept so much I can't fall asleep and my head hurts so I'd really like to.

It's really hard to do any kind of introspection with a headache. Which makes my first thought be that maybe there's one part of me using a headache to keep me from doing any work, but I can't find anything like that in me. The only thing I've done so far was just looking for the parts of me that didn't feel like digging up stuff was safe and just sitting with them and understanding them and validating them. I'm not trying to change anything, I just want to know who I am a little better. This one really feels like it might be it but I can't make sense of it because I can't find a part of me that really gives a no to self-exploration.

After a really long creativity-block on all my creative outlets I've been getting inspired again. Not daily but every two-three days I'll get an idea that can't wait to be written down.

I've been feeling like exercising again but I worry that it'll just make my headache worse and I don't really want to spend my days in bed but what else can I do when my head hurts so much all the time? I was so happy about getting my interest in exercise and art back too.

Any thoughts or insights?

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Have you tried integrating the headache? Just try going with it, feel it, dont see it from a far, follow the pain, literally, and stay with it, be it, see what happens , what i would say

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I'm Sorry to hear about your troubles due to headache

Heard that Coffee will help in suppressing migraines..Also  please try out applying raw onion paste on your forehead when it is Pounding with headache..Hope this'll help you out other than trying out on medications.


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