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YAG laser treatment!!

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YAG laser treatment!!

My grandmom has undergone cataract surgery two years back. She was 79 years old when she underwent the surgery. She was very nervous about the surgery, but everything went out well and gave a good result. Her vision has improved after the surgery. She was able to see things clearly and even read small prints also. A few days back, she started experiencing discomfort in her eyes. I've noticed a mild redness in both of her eyes. When I discussed this with her, she told me that she is having blurred vision and her eyes become watery all the time, and they are itching too. I took her to the nearby eye clinic. After examination, the doctor said that these are the common symptoms people face after having a cataract surgery. He also added that this can be treated using YAG laser treatment. He suggested undergoing the treatment from a clinic in Toronto. I'm hearing about this treatment for the first time. Is there anyone who had undergone a YAG laser treatment? How was your experience? Is there any complication in undergoing this treatment at this age? Please do reply to my queries. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance!!

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