Defragmentation, Resistance and Repressed Sexual Energy

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Defragmentation, Resistance and Repressed Sexual Energy

Hey guys.
I would like to say... and it's not an error. It's just that a point is missing.

The importance of having the energy that passes trought our body - the prana, the flow, the stream, the movement, LIFE - or, as i preffer to call, sacred sexual energy.
This energy has a touch to it as we can feel it passing trought our skin, down to up in our body
People have different perception of the feeling of this energy passing trought related to their different ways of blocking it and this is the point that has to be understood: each type of blockage needs a different type of unblockage.
So please, i came to realize again what i was forgeting all past 8 months. I share with you this two videos that explains what i am trying to say.
The first one is an explanation of how it is blocked and how it gets unblocked, in each especific type.
And the other one... well... it's a perfect moving example of this energy, and a lot of cultural insights coming with it.

Some of you may recognize this in one of Teal Swan's teachings and I would love if she could rescue them right now in this moment of world crisis and defragmentation. I see a partircularly link between feeling stuck, lost, confused, or having no feelings at all, thinking too much and not resolving anything, defragmentation, and our cultural present society.





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