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Meat and babies

So, I’ve recently become vegetarian. I have ate meat my whole life, I have always preferred chicken and fish. Anyway it’s been awhile that I’d been feeling off meat until something happened and I just can’t do it anymore. 

Ive read enough to know that it’s a controversial topic. I’m not at all wanting to force my baby to be vegetarian. And I also don’t think that people who do or don’t are bad parents. 

Im kind of wondering if anyone knows anyone whose aloud their babies to decide for themselves once they were old enough ? How would you approach that topic? And would they feed them meat until they could decide for themselves or not? 

Meat is considered to have the complete protein, which is a reason why people say meat is good. But you can also get complete proteins from many other things. Meat is also harder to digest and causes inflammation in the body. I’m sure there’s hundreds of pros and cons to both sides.  All I know is babies all over the world have grown up either vegetarian or as a meat eater and for the most part we all turned out happy and healthy. 

I don’t want to force anything on my child just because of how I eat, like I don’t like mushrooms I’m not going to not feed her mushrooms. 

I just would like others opinions, and experiences or what they have seen in their lives of friends or families! 

I’d appreciate as much of an objective perspective as you could allow yourselves! 

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If you ate something and didn't know what that was how would you distinguish the difference?

Only when a child can conceptualize what animal is, then he can make a choice. This also depends on a child's vocabulary.  You know about those picture cards? 

I still don't know how people pass the stage with hot-dog.... that was a nightmare for us.


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