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Tina Boumans

I sort of hate my husbands 4 cats

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I sort of hate my husbands 4 cats

Hi tealers, I have such an issue with my husbands 4 cats! It drives me crazy, cause I cant understand the problem on a spiritual way. I dont like animals so much to begin with, I dont connect with them and dont understand them, they are just weird creatures for me. And I feel like a terrible person for not liking animals. (Sorry for my English Im Swedish). But the cats is my husbands animals children and they are very close and yes sometimes I get jealous. But they are taking so much space, and they also pee indoors like marks revir. And it drives me crazy!!! Sometimes I feel I want a divorce cause I cannot take it but I dont want to runaway I want a solution. Can someone please give me some feedback! Lots of Love to all members 

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