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I want to talk about sensitivity. It can be trained and practiced and so can numbing as well.
What i mean is for example: eat sugary things like candy daily for some time and fruits wont taste as sweet anymore because the sugars in the candy have overpowered your sense of taste to it.
Fruits would most likely taste bland, maybe to the point of not being able to taste the sweetness in it anymore. The sense of taste have simply been conditioned to more intense tastes and the fine tuned system seems to "not exist".
It is a hardening of the senses and this sensitivity applies to everything, like behavior, ways of being, thinking and relationships too. Abuse can be "used to" like too much sugar, you can get too much abuse and barely feel softer ways of behaving or being.
I find it challenging to stay soft currently though. But i still want to practice as much softness as i can every day.

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It is challenging particularly for men because the modern world doesn't value in sensitivity in men in most cases. But sensitivity is vital. A verse that comes to mind is be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, I always liked that. helped me retain my sensitive side. 

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