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Overweight - Need advice for liposuction!

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Overweight - Need advice for liposuction!

I am currently overweight. I weigh 200 pounds now and I tried numerous ways to reduce my weight. But I couldn't see any good results. I am a lazy person and haven't even tried any workouts. My mom always complains about my laziness. She told me to go jogging and to join a gym. But I didn't listen to her. Yesterday one of my old friends visited my home. It has been years since I have seen her. She was shocked to see me. She told me that I have become really bad and overweight. She also asked me to reduce my weight. I felt disappointed hearing that. Then only I realized how ugly I look and the reason why my mom always compels me to join the gym. My friend asked me to undergo liposuction from a clinic in Mississauga. I'm planning to schedule an appointment with the same clinic as soon as possible. Will there be any side effects for this procedure? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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