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Ayye I posted on here at some point, and then my log in info got messed up, so here I am two years later!  *boop*?
Hobbies/interests include anything faery related, art and design (fashion, interior, absolutely everything), color, quantum physics, new technology, plants, marine animals (google "nudibranchs", they're so cool!), nature documentaries and encyclopedias, parkour (although I'm not motivated enough to do it, I just think it's neat), contortion, and dance.  I also love dodgeball and ultimate frisbee and thunderstorms.
Current struggles/unmet needs: lack of emotional support, lack of monetary support, and feelings of low contribution.  
I'm pretty good at trouble shooting outlines for projects, plans, and minor communication, so possibly hit me up!  I'm a Human Design Projector and Aquarian dominant, so I'm good at problem solving (<what I feel I could contribute).  I also really like bouncing ideas and concepts off people.  
My favorite band is Owl City, favorite book is Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, my favorite movie is Stardust, and my favorite shows are Adventure Time and Yuri on Ice.  I also love The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstren.  I love techno music and I am somewhere on the breatharian scale.  My favorite color is bright blue or white because they feel like freedom, and my favorite animals at the moment are harp seals, because they're cute and playful and they can do whatever they want, and they also feel like freedom.  I don't know my favorite form of water tho, depends on my mood.  
Currently I live in Austin, Texas, but I will be moving to the Lake Chapala area in Mexico in a couple months.  Ciao!  


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