Who killed the children?

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On 4/7/2018 at 10:55 AM, Scot said:


From your statements you seem to think that most people that you meet must either agree with you entirely, or they must be liars, pedophiles or pedophile defenders, or they encourage suicide.   You seem to be constantly on guard for attack.  Your heart seems to be closed and filled with hatred, fear and bitterness.


This is Scot sleepwalking I think. 

Scot were you sleepwalking when you typed this?


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I don’t think I was sleepwalking.  I think we just have a hugely different perspective on things.  And I have said, if we each imagine that our perspective is the true reality then it’s like we are in different universes.

So let me see if I understand your perspective:   You have said that I am not self-aware.  You would probably say I have swallowed the propaganda of the main stream media hook, line and sinker.   You would probably say that I should watch InfoWars to wake up to reality.    In your version of reality, I am undercover paid damage control for the Teal squad.

 I would like to make a joke about mysterious deposits from some “Teal Org” that show up in my bank account once per month but you might actually take that seriously.  So I will assure you that I am awake enough to know that I don’t have mysterious payments.  I am just a member of the forum.  In my universe I am not paid by Teal and my bank account is my objective evidence that I am right about that.


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