Who killed the children?

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Teal Swan painted a pentagram. The design originated in the book Necronomicon, by H P Lovecraft, a Satanist and occultist. She also published it


Is this about trying to discredit Teal?   Is this entire thread about trying to discredit Teal?



I think where you could be headed with this is “it is more likely that Teal is a Satanist and less likely that the murders she claimed she witnessed actually being true”. But I think there is a flaw in that theory. Teal outwardly condemns Satanic ritual abuse while secretly trying to forward her Satanic agenda.    Sorry, the theory doesn’t hold water.

Teal claims to have been treated to some really horrible things.  She claims to have witnessed some really horrible things.  But she also makes a lot of really good videos and I believe the messages she brings are helpful to many many people.  


I'm not trying to be accusatory of Teal but it is possible. Best example being the Savile cases, outwardly using charity work while also using that to exploit underage molestation. In this case (in both definitions), it wouldn't really fit the exact scenario, however it should be made a point that content could be used as an exploitation as distraction from intention.

You know how when people say "homophobia is just because they are afraid to admitting they're gay themselves" while I'm not sure how valid that statement actually is, it can work on the same principle. I.e. in the event that Teal is doing this (not saying she actually is), she'd be doing so to make herself sound "good", or rather to appeal to more people to get behind her and/or (be used as an excuse to) look over certain actions.

At the end of the day, Teal shouldn't really have an issue in an open investigation if she has nothing to hide (or is really good at hiding them but that would still imply that there is something). However, at the same time, it shouldn't lessen the value of her work if she really is helping people and doing so for the sake of discrediting serves little purpose.

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