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Park City, UT

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Park City, UT

Who’s here? Who wants to connect?

So....I think Teal lived here? I got here just before or after the video where she opened up about the scary hate groups who have made it their mission to ruin her......

And because it’s such a small community.....because of that I do find myself hesitant to straight up ask people I meet here...

? ready to stand up for what and who and what I believe in and my truth; but don’t want to go about stirring a pot unnecessarily in a place where I’m not yet established.  I wanted to ask why the library doesn’t have any of her books?!?!?? (Was hoping to take a peek at shadows before dawn)  but then thought—no—get the lay of the land first.....

This place is AMAZING and in the short time I’ve been here my own awareness and healing has accelerated immensely.

Dogs? Hikes? skiing? Sundance? Shadow work? Let’s do this....


all my love~ 




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