MEETING Teal &Co in the astral

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MEETING Teal &Co in the astral

Oh my gosh......... I feel so uncomfortable admitting this and feel like I’m going a little bit crazy 

Um. So....what’s up with meeting Teal&Co in the astral?

i say “and Co” because the person that has actually been the most prominent in these encounters is Blake.  And there are other people in the background as well...


i had some encounters about 18 months ago. Then nothing. Now—I’m in Park City and it’s been much more intense starting about a month ago.

normally I would file this under “whatever”. But from watching some of the synchronization workshops—apparently others have had this experience?

Please help.







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Judging from your asking for help, it sounds like this might be somewhat distressing for you, or be causing you some worry? If so, my advice would be; don't worry too much about it. I think the biggest theme to follow here is, basically, embrace it and be interested in it. Each one of us works in different ways, and if you're having that experience, it's just part of your path. It might be meaningful, or it might not, depending entirely on how you feel about it and approach it. I've been having quite a lot more synchronicitieslately, though I can't help but wonder if that's just my being more interested in looking for them of late.

I'm very interested to hear, what's it like? I've not had it, myself, and I'd love to know more.

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