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If a side of you wants children, you will get pregnant. Tackle that side and see why you need preservatives or whatever to stop whatever from happening. Honestly, you can have sex everyday and be flushed in sperm, if you don't think of children, if you are not doing it for that, if all of you is not in love with the person, or/and you're doing it for the sake of enjoyment, or whatever else, you wont get pregnant. It's all about the focus. And about knowing what all aspects of you want, need and what you as a whole, are focused on. But to be whole takes work. 

I hope you get me. Natural way is to have all of you on board with having sex with someone and the reasons behind it. If a certain aspect of you wants children (in general or with a certain person) and you're not aware of it, you will always carry the fear or resistance and things could happen.


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