Little trick I came up with to let emotions pass through you

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Try to remember what you were feeling 5 minutes ago (or less if it's easier). When you are in the moment you can be mixed up in your own head and doubting yourself, but your memory generally doesn't lie unless you have much more serious problems. Also when you "forget" what you were feeling a few minutes ago, you effectively are burying it. Then it comes up again, then you bury it again, and the process continues. Revisiting by remembering 5 minutes later, it may allow you to get it through your system and then move on.

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This is a really great tip! Thanks for sharing.

Funny thing, some time ago I also "came up" with a very similar technique for being present with my emotions, which was not easy for me because of the "hyperactive mind"/"racing thoughts". But when I focus on watching my past self one or two seconds ago it's like being with myself unconditionally almost in real time! It works for me :)

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