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What are the spiritual consequences of having an organ transplant? Specifically, a heart transplant...

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What are the spiritual consequences of having an organ transplant? Specifically, a heart transplant...

Hello everyone who sees this! :)

I have been thinking about this for years, and thought I would finally put this question out there...

From an extrasensory perspective, what are the spiritual consequences of losing the physical organ that one was born with, and living through the organ of another as one's own?

In my case I had a heart transplant aged 7, due to irreversible heart disease. Having read about the importance of 'the heart', from connecting to it in meditation, to how it is a gateway to the nonphysical, I am curious what the perspective of someone who is able to perceive people on an extrasensory level.

Ideally, I would love Teal's perspective. But, as she is very busy and the since this is not a question that would be important to the majority of people (for submitting it via the Ask Teal series)  I am interested in hearing from other people who have extrasensory perception, and have personally 'seen' the difference in observing a person who has had a (heart) transplant.

If anyone has read anything on the matter, I am also interested (in case you have found something I have not in my research). Speculation is welcome, especially if you are well versed in the biology and spiritual theories. (Also, of course, I welcome speculation on medical metaphysical root causes, though that is not my main focus, as I have not had any additional heart issues since my transplant over 15 years ago, and only require one immunosuppressant drug to prevent organ rejection). 

Often the spiritual field is overwhelmingly negative relative to the topic of transplants, due to having various expectations, e.g. that people should have cured themselves without resorting to drastic measures. Often, I despair because of this, and feel it is time to try and improve the vibration of my perspective relative to it.  

I have heard Teal say one can come back from anything. But, transplants are irreversible. (Unless one has nanotechnology, I suppose, ha. I can only dream at the moment.) It seems the best course of action for those who have had transplants and are trying to reconcile it with spiritual ideas... is to try to make peace with where one is at, and to endeavour to  remain in equilibrium, within the narrower and more difficult to reach frequency of 'health', when one is constrained by immunosuppressants for life....

From an extrasensory perspective, what are the spiritual consequences of losing the physical organ that one was born with, and living through the organ of another as one's own?

What are your thoughts? 

(Thank you for reading!)




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Thanks @MistaRender for leaving a comment ? There is some possibility of this if one considers the quantum field... ? In all seriousness, I wish this were possible... According to my doctors, a transplanted organ reproduces its cells with the same DNA as the donor. Hence the requisite lifelong immunosuppression that follows. That being said, over the years the doctors haven't always been proven right... So maybe in time it may emerge that this is possible ? ?

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@Mai-da <3 <3 <3 <3  Hearing what you had to say was so validating and gratifying. It has helped me feel like the part of the heavy burden of my weighty soul purpose- the isolating and alienating reality of it, of feeling like no one could understand its gravity (what with Doctors operating from a purely materialistic perspective) has been acknowledged. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I know what you mean about sometimes preferring to speak things out loud. I considered recording a message in reply, but my technological knowledge at present in that area is limited to Skype video calls.

There is quite a lot I could say... I may go over your recordings again... For now:

*Your articulation that my heart, the donor's heart, as having its own consciousness, & my likely needing to integrate it, felt like a light bulb moment.  Thinking about it, it's not necessarily new to me, but there was something about having it articulated the way you have, which made the idea more real to me. (Perhaps I need to learn to trust my inner knowing more.)

*I agree about there being a distinction in heart transplants in children versus adults

*I have a copy of Evette Rose's 'Metaphysical Anatomy', and unfortunately there is no mentioning of transplants... It seems to be a current blind spot in metaphysical health... overall an area unexplored (hence, as you say, ripe for expansion).

* I agree that it isn't a cure. When I consider it from the perspective that disease ultimately needs to be addressed on the pre-physical level (feelings and thoughts), transplants are the ultimate cop-out for addressing the root cause. On the one hand, transplants are often seen to represent the pinnacle of Western Science's achievements. But, I think, from a metaphysical perspective, they are a symbol of how far allopathic medicine has descended, into treating merely the physical symptoms- of just addressing the material aspect of our's soul's expression.

*Having awareness of this, believing this, is painful. The multidimensional perspective creates more suffering in me than the scientific (materialistic) ever did. For Science, my existence (despite many medical odds and challenges) felt like a miracle. I felt special. For the spiritual field, I am an abomination. Usually, the message is "you shouldn't exist". This is why, for years, ever since I have become acquainted (or perhaps reminded) of the multidimensional view of reality, I have been desperate to hear what I 'look' like to an extrasensory.

This desire became more pressing after I developed stage 4 post transplant lymphoma (blood cancer as a result of the immuno-suppressants, which are a carcinogen) in 2015. I went into remission within months...but the details are another thread, another topic. Likewise, of course there were metaphysical reasons for exactly why my immuno-suppressants were the physical vehicle for triggering cancer then, at that moment. I knew even before the diagnosis was confirmed that unresolved childhood traumas had been triggered and I was in an emotional space of feeling suicidal. Despite being aware of the metaphysical as what underlies our physical reality, this experience reinforced my feeling and belief that "I am doomed: I have been set up by the universe, like a joker in a deck of cards, but the joke is ultimately on me."           

*Thank you for 'seeing' me, in your descriptions and compliments of me; your appreciation, in the context that I am usually misunderstood or underestimated, is a blessing. 

<3 <3 <3    <3


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To me, you are a pearl. I don't know what kind of "spiritual" person would say your case (not you specifically that is already very demeaning, judgmental, alienating) is an abomination. To me, you are a pearl. And there not being any knowledge and wisdom on the metaphysical reasons behind the need for a heart transplant or heart failure in general, is another reason for you to dive deep. Just the will itself to understand and the steps you take to soothe yourself in knowing yourself and hence, others, are already an act of bravery and strong heart, metaphorically speaking (which is same :)) ) and it brings new source, new information, to the collective consciousness, which is very good.

Also I would like to say, given we are all one, as much as you can divide and categorize, you can also consider you as a whole right, you having that heart for so long has taken all of who and what you are, at the same time, you are carrying different stories, perspectives, which to me is an exception to be glorified, and though this word may sound pretentious, i mean it. Your pain is our pain, my pain is your pain, your achievement is my achievement, your joy is my joy, my wonder is your wonder. 

I can completely understand your desire to have a perspective on this from an extrasensory and encourage you to keep on looking for that, someone might express himherself on that here still. However, we are all sensory beings in our nature, I am sure your eternal self knows why it happened what (is happening) happened to you, just definitely listen to your inner knowing and sentiments more. You have my support on that too. Not even support, YOU ARE OBLIGED TO, listen and follow now. Message ):p

The immuno suppressants didn't work because your body and spirit was already forbidden to defend and stand for itself, how I see it. Just keep on posting (on forum or wherever in general too) 

Love ya,

 @Andrea Barrett


Like for the last post thousands :):)

P.s. We are all


than our fate(s).  ?


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