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What stone is this pendant?

Hi everyone, I have 2 Crystals books but the one that could probably pinpoint this stone has gone walkabout. Can anyone tell me the name of the main stone is on this pendant is that have been given - any clues anyone?

The person who gave it is quite switched on and gave me a light opal as well as this. The top stone is of course clear quartz (same as my singing crystal bowls friends I play) but the main stone while looks like rutilated quartz they are usually see thru and this is a dense stone-like quality instead. 

Thanks in advance!

crystal Rob



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5 hours ago, zenzaney said:

Looks to be Picaso jasper. I found an image that looks very similar.


Wow!! Thankyou so much zenzaney (love the name play) - I looked it up and the very intuitive person that gave me this picked well. I am now going to wear it much more often at this point in time as it will support me in my relationship rebuild with my wife. I am currently in Sydney at Teals Mirror workshop after a 3-day CP practioner training course. All well and hunky dory DownUnder and integration well underway. About effing time comments the universe...

Love and Light 

Crystal Rob

(now that I have a fuller understanding of why I say that I now say with more conviction than ever).

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