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Intuition or projection

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Inuition or projection

Hi guys, 

I am somewhat a beginner in the spiritual self search. Even though i've been reading a lot and listening to a lot of Teal, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks videos and many more i'm lacking the practice which i find the hardest (no wonder). 

I have some abandonment issues, rejection issue, self esteem and a big lack in presence. I find myself having the hardest time being present when i have some issues on my mind, issues that i cannot find a resolution too.

Lately, i've been helping myself, and being more attentive to my intuition but i sometimes think that what i feel might be the result of my pains and not my intuition.

Have you guys experienced this? How do you feel, if you do, the difference between the two?

And also...what helps you feel more present, with yourself with your dear ones?

Thank you!!


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Personally, I tend to use the word “intuition” to mean any kind of “hunch”.  Like “I have the feeling that the answer is ...x....”.  

Hunches and intuition simply bubble up out of the subconscious.  And I would say that sometimes intuition and hunches come out of pain, or fear.

One of the goals of spiritual growth is called equanimity.  A dictionary definition of that is “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.”

In the kundalini model involving 10 bodies, three of the bodies are: 

-positive mind - intuitions showing the positive sides of things

-negative mind - intuitions showing the dangers of things

-the neutral mind which takes the inputs from the positive and negative and computates a reasoned choice.  So I guess equanimity is a desired quality of the neutral mind.

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Title: intuition or projection

the title itself implies a question.  To my mind, intuition is when a hunch consciously occurs to you.  And you know that it’s a hunch and you can’t quite explain why you have this hunch.  

On the other hand, projection is subconscious.  You don’t realize that you are projecting.    Example: As a rationalist, scientifically minded person, I find my own interest in spiritual pursuits to be odd.  For me to assume that someone would judge me harshly for my pursuits,  would be me projecting.  Projecting is subconscious but once you realize that you are projecting, you can stop it.

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